(Farbo Motorsports Young Lion William Cox in victory lane after his dominating win on Saturday / Photo Credit : LWPictures)

CONCORD, NC : The 2020 racing season got underway last weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway with the Cook Out Winter Heat on the quarter-mile oval.

Saturday the racers were greeted with rain, wind, sun and eventually more rain to put an end to the first day of action with only two features completed.

The Legends Young Lions had 13 starters for their first feature on Saturday afternoon led by Raleigh, North Carolina’s William Cox and Fulsher, Texas’ Kade Brown for 25 laps of action.

After a couple of innocent spins by rookie Meredith Kepley, the race was able to get into a flow with Cox in complete command of the field and Pennsylvanian Paul Owens in second.

The best battle throughout the feature was for third place with Brown, John Holtger, Bryce Applegate, Caden Kvapil, Lucas Vera and Sean Abell, who was also making the move up to Legend cars in the 2020.

Kvapil’s race ended in a ball of flame and smoke on lap 15 off the second turn. He was able to exit the track safely and the race stayed under green.

In the closing laps Brown was able to run down Owens to battle for the runner-up spot. In the end it was all the William Cox Show as he put on a clinic on how to dominate a feature race in his Farbo Motorsports prepared #3 race car. Brown was able to get by Owens with one lap to go and contact with the two on the final corner sent Owens around with Brown able to finish second and Holtger in the right spot to capture third.

Legends Young Lions Feature – Results :

  1. William Cox (#3)
  2. Kade Brown (#99)
  3. John Holtger (#44)
  4. Sean Abell (#88)
  5. Bryce Applegate (#45)
  6. Lucas Vera (#52)
  7. Paul Owens (#54)
  8. Parker Eatmon (#4)
  9. Carson Ramsey (#77)
  10. Colin Brown (#51)
  11. Isabella Wilson (#14W)
  12. Meredith Kepley (#13)
  13. Caden Kvapil (#55)

In the Semi-Pro 25 lap feature race it was Ryan Heim and Janson Marchbanks who brought the 26 car field to the green flag.

Heim jumped out to the early race lead after the second attempt to get underway. Marchbanks lost the second spot on the first circuit to the 01 of Cole Dockery, but Marchbanks would retake that position a lap later.

Jake Waltman was also able to move around Dockery for the third position, but it was a five car battle for the lead as Nate Tretow joined that quartet of cars up front.

The race would be slowed on lap 10 for a single car spin in turn four by the 10 of David Markham.

The front row would be a repeat of the start with Heim and Marchbanks to bring the field back to the green flag. The race would be slowed right on the restart after Dustin Honeycutt went around in the second corner and collected six other race cars.

On the restart, Marchbanks was shuffled out and lost two positions to Dockery and Waltman, but on the next lap Marchbanks took them three wide down the backstretch to retake the second spot for a moment. Contact with the three cars would send all up the track and allowed Tretow to clear all three for the runner-up spot.

Meanwhile, this gave Heim a clear breakaway from the field for a few laps.

(Ryan Heim took the win after a last lap pass in the Semi-Pro feature on Saturday / Photo Credit : LWPictures)

Tretow and Marchbanks turned up the wick and began to chase down race leader Heim in the final laps of the feature, but a caution with just three laps to go would bring them to the bumper of Heim for a shootout.

Tretow and Heim would exchange the lead over the final three laps, however it was Ryan Heim who won the battle across the checkered flag with Tretow and Marchbanks side by side for the runner-up position.

Legends Semi-Pro Feature – Results :

  1. Ryan Heim (#18)
  2. Nate Tretow (#83)
  3. Janson Marchbanks (#10J)
  4. Jake Waltman (#6)
  5. Ashton Whitener (#21)
  6. Justice Calabro (#25)
  7. Garrett Lowe (#06)
  8. Chase Smith (#10S)
  9. JR Weidman (#77)
  10. Chris Honeycutt (#8H)
  11. David Markham (#10)
  12. Carter Wood (#31)
  13. Cole Brown (#143)
  14. Blake Lothian (#16)
  15. Dacin Roberson (#18R)
  16. Jadyn Daniels (#24)
  17. Cole Dockery (#01)
  18. Trevor Wester (#8)
  19. Nick Craig (#54)
  20. David Johnson (#7)
  21. Logan Drumbeller (#5)
  22. Blake Sasser (#23S)
  23. Dustin Honeycutt (#25H)
  24. Rajah Caruth (#11)
  25. Eric Courtney (#21C)
  26. Carson Poindexter (#49)

The Masters were next on track, but just three laps into the feature the skies began to open up and the rain came down. Race officials would call the race after 5 laps and the remainder of the day’s schedule was postponed until Sunday afternoon.

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